Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ocean Shores News: We Are Now Coldwell Banker Ocean Shores Brokers!!!


Ocean Shores Brokers
is now......

Moving forward to be among the leaders of Ocean Shores Real Estate, we now have the #1 National Franchise of Coldwell Banker to back us up and move us forward.  We are excited to be involved with this powerful brand that continues to innovate and attract customers that will give my colleagues and I and our clients a major advantage over our competitors.

I moved over to Ocean Shores Brokers in October 2012 after the owners of Coldwell Banker Ocean Beach Properties moved and closed the doors.  For the past few months, the owner, Dawn Galeana, and I have been working on this acquisition of the Coldwell Banker name.  In addition to this name change, I became the new Designated Broker and have been working very hard and for many extra hours at selling and listing properties.

For my clients, this move will bring a positive reinforcement of my marketing and selling goals by adding advertising with the National Name of Coldwell Banker, and  This will definitely increase our client outreach for potential buyers.

For my colleagues and I, this move will offer added resources, such as personal web sites, national ad campaigns, and other marketing tools.

Our office’s great location -- just across the street from the entrance to Ocean Shores with a large electronic sign -- has even greater prominence with the newly installed blue and white Coldwell Banker Ocean Shores Brokers building signs along with the very large sign above the electronic sign. All of the property signs have been replaced as well.

Whether you are buying or selling, I am committed to my clients by providing expertise, straight-forward analyses, heavy Internet marketing/presence, and high moral standards.  Please visit my web site at
If you are looking to rent, the owner Dawn Galeana is the Property Manager.  She also owns Ocean Shores Reservations (, which offers Vacation Rentals.

Your Perfect Partner….Coldwell Banker Ocean Shores Brokers and YOU!!!

380 State Route 115, PO Box 845
Ocean Shores, WA 98569

April Swenson
Managing/Designated Broker

360-589-2777   cell/text
360-289-3941   fax

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