Friday, January 20, 2012

Ocean Shores News: Rare Sightings of the Snowy White Owl in Ocean Shores, WA


Rare Sightings of the Snowy White Owl
Ocean Shores, WA

January 8, 2012 ~ While walking around Damon Pt State Park/Protection Island, I was able to view in person the rare sightings of the Snowy White Owls, which were nesting in the Dunes of Damon Pt State Park/Beach. They were attracted to this dune area because of the lack of population and it is similar to their native habitat. These large and beautiful birds nest in the open spaces of the Arctic Tundra ~ Canada, Alaska and Eurasia.  They winter south through Canada and Eurasia, so seeing them this far south is a rare occurrence. The adult male is almost all white, but females and young owls have some dark scalloping. In my pictures below, notice the heavily-feathered taloned feet. Many others were down at the beach enjoying the gorgeous sunny day and taking pictures of these rare sightings of this majestic owl.

Click on Video Tour to see my video of the Snowy White Owls.

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