Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ocean Shores Real Estate News: PMI is Now Available for Vacation/2nd Home Purchases with less than 20% Down

Mortgage Insurance is Now Available for Purchasing Vacation/2nd Homes with less than 20% Down

Mortgage Insurance is now available on 2nd/vacation homes with the following terms:

1) Purchase or rate/term refinance
2) Up to 90% loan-to-value
3) At least 720 credit score
4) 41% or lower debt ratio

This was not sent out from the MI company as a big announcement, so you are some of the first to know!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ocean Shores, WA Featured in Canada's The Vancouver Sun: Ocean Shores is One of the Most Popular Places in Washington

Ocean Shores Featured in The Vacouver Sun
As One of the Most Popular Places in Washington

Our fair beach town of Ocean Shores received some international praise from our neighbor to the north: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. One of the special writers for The Vancouver Sun wrote a piece about Ocean Shores in the Travel Section on January 13, 2009 claiming Ocean Shores as one of the most popular places in Washington. It explained all about Ocean Shores and the fun things to do: hotels, restaurants, shops, games, rides and more. It also went into the history of this peninsula, which was bought for $1M in 1960 and is now assessed of over $670M with about 5,000 full-time residents.

Writing from beautiful sunny Ocean Shores, Washington!

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