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Ocean Shores News: Street LID Update ~ October 27, 2010


Ocean Shores Street LID
As of October 27, 2010

October 27, 2010 ~ The City Council passed a resolution regarding the Findings & Conclusions to the Street LID on October 21st. Very few changes were made to the original assessment role dated August 1, 2010 (produced by Macaulay & Associates, Everett, WA). You can see the 5-page resolution passed by the City Council at The document named some changes to assessments to 9 property owners who protested their assessments. The City Council also stated that the RCW says that the City can use any method or combination of methods to compute assessments. So yes, the State law does say that, but it does not give the City Council a right to disregard the 900+ protests that clearly stated over and over again, including by me, the incorrect valuation determined by Macaulay & Associates and the inequitable distribution of the LID assessment amounts. But they did anyway, and the bills will be sent out this week to all property owners.

As written in the North Coast News on October 22nd, Art Blauvelt, the City Attorney, stated the following:
This is what will happen if there are no hitches in the publication process:
* Wednesday, October 27 ~ Notice & Ordinance 885 are published (will also be published November 3, 2010);
* The 30-day pre-payment window starts with publication of the Notice, so the 30-day window will start Thursday, October 28th and end on Monday, November 29th.
Every lot owner will be receiving a notice that contains all the payment details. The city will mail the notice to the address of the lot owner as shown on the county treasurer's records. Those notices will be in the mail by next week.
Many lot owners, as part of their protest or recent correspondence, have provided an alternate address to the city, the City will do its best to send another copy of the notice to the alternate address it has been given by the lot owner, HOWEVER, lot owners should make sure their address with the Grays Harbor County Treasurer is accurate. All of the statutes that control this process require the city to use the "address shown on the tax rolls of the county treasurer" for each lot. The City's plan to mail copies to alternate addresses is a courtesy extended to those who, as part of their protests notified the city, in writing, of an alternate address.
From David Thompson, bond counsel:
First installment payment would be due on November 29, 2011.

In summary, the Street LID upfront payment discount period will be October 28-November 29, 2010. The first payments for those who will be on the annual payment plan will be November 29, 2011. All payments are made in arrears, ie the payment due on Nov 29, 2011 is actually for Nov 29, 2010 until Nov 29, 2011.

October 25, 2010 ~ The City made the Hearing Examiner Wayne Tanaka's findings/recommendations to the City Council available online as I reported on October 5th. After reviewing the recommendations/decisions, I received a letter from the City of Ocean Shores in response to the written, and verbal, protest I made on Sept 20th/21st. All property owners who made protests received this letter. It stated that Mr. Tanaka's written Findings, Conclusions & Recommendations Report was filed with the City and was available to be viewed online at The letter also stated that I could file an appeal in writing (along with $250) to the City Council. The issue that I have is that the letter was dated and postmarked on October 7th and the City expected us to file the appeal by 5pm on October 15th. I personally did not receive my letter until the 12th. So you can imagine how many people received this letter after the 15th. One would think that the City Council would learn from just a few weeks ago with the September 20th/21st Hearing when many people protested on the lack of time provided to file their initial written protest, which was only 2 weeks. But apparently the City Council did not learn or take heed to the people's expressed concerns/protests, and they gave property owners even less time.

As a side note, I have heard of many property owners who never received the letter(s) from the City, so please make sure your mailing address is correct with the Grays Harbor County Assessor's office by calling 360-249-4121.

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